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FMT6340 is a fast curing, cold weld, easy to use structural 2-part polyurethane semi rigid bonding adhesive which cures by a chemical reaction of the two components forming a durable polymer resistant to high temperatures, moisture, fuel, many solvents and chemicals.

Its ideal for those small cracks and splits found so often in plastic bumpers or repairing those broken plastic brackets as well as door mirrors.

Its quick, easy and forms a repair that will last as long as the item repaired is in use. Use for permanent and long-lasting plastic repairs.

This 2 Part PU glue is great for repairing plastic bumpers, body trim parts, wheel arches, spoilers, grilles, fan shrouds, door mirrors, rearview mirrors, dashboard repairs, vehicle interiors, headlamp brackets and lugs. In fact it can be used to repair plastics in automotive, marine, construction, industrial, domestic and recreational applications. use on surf boards, plastic window frames, toolbox handles, 


The glue has good sag resistance so can be used successfully on vertical repairs and to bridge and fill large holes or gaps.


 It will fully cure in 90 seconds at ambient temperatures, applying gentle heat in colder weather will speed up curing time and wont affect the bonding properties. Once cured it can be sanded, drilled and repainted.


Simply attach the mixing nozzle onto the cartridge, twist and secure it and then place the cartridge into the gun and apply pressure on the handle. The two chemicals will come out of the cartridge in equal volume mix thoroughly in the mixing nozzle and be ready to manipulate as soon it comes out. You then have 60 seconds to work with it before it cures ready to be sanded and painted if required.

After use, take the mixing nozzle off the cartridge and twist the cap back into locked position so the glue wont leak out and can be used again.

This glue is supplied in a 50ml cartridge with one mixing nozzle

The glue will need to be dispensed from a cartridge gun, the FMT6335 small and lightweight gun or the heavy duty FMT6339 gun.

Replacement mixing nozzles are available in packs of 10. FMT6350.

The FMT6345 reinforcement film can be used in conjunction with the glue to fill large gaps or to create stronger repairs

The FMT6346 Contouring film can be used to replicate contours on the bumper or door mirrors

The FMT6348 plastic repair primer aerosol will aid adhesion and ulimately a better bond.

The FMT6349 Plastic repair cleaner can be used prior to the repair to make sure the surface is completely free of any foreign particles or chemicals that will prevent a perfect bond.

If a faster cure time is required, the FMT6315 should be selected.

The Glue has a 12 month shelf life from date of manufacture, and each cartridge will have an expiry date stamped on

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